Cellar at the Viewpoint

Sklep na Vyhlídce

upozorněníIn connection with a government order, it is possible that the building has interrupted or limited providing services. Find out about the current situation with the operator.
664 64 Nové Bránice

Telephone: +420 604 440 788
Email: info@sklepnavyhlidce.cz
Web: https://sklepnavyhlidce.cz
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sklepnavyhli...
GPS: 49°4'2.62"N 16°26'53.03"E

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Maximum congress (reception) capacity of the biggest hall or connected halls 60 theatre (Sklípek) - reception
Capacity of individual halls and lounges
Total capacity for a maximum of 60 persons
number of halls and lounges: 1


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