Are you organizing a social event, an open day, or are you celebrating? A comprehensive, tailor-made solution is provided by the event agency to help you organize your event from A to Z. Event evaluation and media output is a matter of course. Royal Event is an experienced event marketing agency that has been active on the Czechoslovak market for more than 20 years and has organized thousands of social events for that time. Briefly and simply: "We are the creators of your events!"

Do you wish?

Royal Event is an event and experience agency with its family tree. Since 1995, the agency has performed countless social events - conference, staff, client, teambuilding, sports, entertainment and product ones. Royal Event takes pride in selecting events with attributes so that you can enjoy as much as you wish.

“We provide stuff for dances, from agama to shark, i.e. comprehensive production services. We try to come up with concept, always considering everything in advance. We are happy to convince you that our events are worth. We are not fairy-tale tellers, however, we believe in the happy ending of our cooperation as we are experienced professionals knowing exactly what we are doing.”