Tickets to the 2016 Grand Prix of the Czech Republic on sale now!


TIC Brno has launched today (Thursday, January 14, 2016) the online sale of tickets to the 2016 Grand Prix of the Czech Republic. The basic three-day ticket “SILVER” to banked areas B, D, E and G costs CZK 1,190. The “GOLD” ticket to all banked areas costs CZK 1,590 and the “JUNIOR” ticket costs CZK 200.

The “SILVER” ticket is good for four banked areas of the Brno Circuit and its holder can move from one to another. Complete facilities are available at each banked area, including refreshment stands. There are also two large screens in front of banked areas D and G. Holders of the “GOLD” tickets can use any gate and they can also use the transit routes, including the START and SCHWANTZ tunnels.

The lowest possible price during the advance sale (the price has not changed since the 2015 event) will apply only during the first stage of the advance sale between January 14 and March 6, 2016.

The sale of the tickets is organized via the booking system of TIC Brno:

For the advance sale and more information, visit