At weWine, they will organize corporate events, training, team building or a meeting with your business acquaintances. The choice of programs:

  • Become a wine maker

The program combines the charm of South Moravia, excellent wine and guaranteed fun. It is the task of the teams to do the respective jobs of a right wine maker: to create their own original label, demonstrate their art of blind tasting, bottle their own wine, record a promotional spot for their winery or be better than their colleagues at drawing samples of wine with a wine thief. The entire program is accompanied with tasting and drinking outstanding Moravian wine through which the guests have great fun but also educate themselves.

  • A wine course

If you think your guests rather feel like being entertained in a more passive way, offer them a chance to learn more about the wine they are drinking to be able to enjoy it more. After the end of the course, your guests will be able to choose the right bottle of wine and develop its potential in the comfort of their homes even without a professional sommelier.  The aroma and tastes of wine will no longer be unknown to you thanks to practical demonstrations of how to combine wine with meals. We will teach your guests the rules of wine tasting and wine serving thanks to an effective demonstration of sabrage which one of the guests will try on their own at the end.

  • Picnic wine tasting

We like to take wine back to where it was born under the sun. We believe that you will best appreciate the wine maker's job directly at the vineyard, near the basket with carefully selected delicacies that underline the taste of wine and vice versa.

The present sommelier will take care of everything. Your only task will be to enjoy the atmosphere of the vineyards in the company of people you care about. A pleasant get-together can turn into an outdoor cinema under the endless starry sky in the late evening.

  • From one cellar to another

Go to wine cellars, wineries and to a vineyard and try the best they can offer you. Visit at least 3 wineries and compare how well their production came out. During your trip, you will discover the secrets of wine under the leadership of masters of wine and your learning will be finished by an excellent dinner with wine tasting, cimbalom music and genuine Moravian fun.

  • Become a wine maker

Try what it is like to be a wine maker for one whole afternoon. You will try seasonal vineyard work in an entertaining form, accompanied by a vineyard worker, in the area of the most beautiful vineyards of South Moravia. When you finish work, you will have picnic on blankets surrounded by pillows, accompanied with tasting of excellent Moravian wines. After you have a rest you deserve, you will throw yourself into a wine making heptathlon, in which you will try to do the most frequent jobs of a wine maker in a competition mode against other teams. At the end of the afternoon in wine maker's shoes, every participant will get a bottle of the wine they bottled by themselves and provided with their own label.

All programs are suitable for companies or individual groups of more than 20 people.