TAKE PLACE – make your events run


The young and innovative company award winning start up Takeplace s.r.o.., which provides a system for easy management of events shows that long-term development strategy of the South Moravian Region, focused on promoting innovation and purposeful direction to the club of the most innovative regions in Europe does not remain only on paper.

Takeplace is a digital and mobile platform for innovative event management. It features complex functions that accompany the user throughout the entire process of event organization or event participation — from guest registration to online payments, to collecting exhibitor registrations and creating the event program or sending automatic event updates. Thus, it saves time, money and, above all, it spares people from anxiety during the organization of large events.

The event organizer has access to a set of interconnected tools for communication, organization and presentation in a unified graphic style with the possibility of connecting to previous editions of the event. The service is mobile — it is accessible everywhere from a computer, a smart phone or a tablet. Moreover, using Takeplace doesn’t finish with the end of the event. “The event participant receives the right information at the right time. The major advantage is that the system is connected to social media such as Facebook or Twitter, so it allows users to get together in like-interest virtual communities.

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