Černá Hora beer spa


The historic basement of the Sladovna **** Černá Hora Hotel offers unique beer experiences that are worth trying. Your business partners will long remember the moments full of relaxation and luxurious care in the beautiful vaulted cellars that house a wellness centre.

The procedure is, by no means, only for beer drinkers. A beer bath is beneficial both for your body and your mind. It is an excellent anti-stress therapy and thanks to the B-complex vitamins, it completely regenerates your body. A beer bath with a lot of beer foam is accompanied with an indispensable drinking cure that, naturally, involves the excellent unfiltered beer from the Černá Hora brewery. Make sure to also try the beer body scrub.

Currently, you can choose from three wellness packages:

-       Beer Bath for Beer Lovers

-       Luxurious Beer Care

-       Relaxing Beer Jacuzzi Bath with Chromotherapy

Upon previous arrangements, we can organize a tour of the brewery followed by beer tasting in the themed restaurant "Šenk u Prokuristy” that also offers many specialties and snacks that are good with any beverage.

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