Jumping and twinboarding through Brno


Do you need to reinforce the relationships in your work team and restore team spirit? Surprise your employees with a unique activity they might have only seen in television – put them in jumping boots and set out to explore Brno from above! You will be attended by experienced jumpers who will explain the basics and do all they can to teach you how to jump. You do not have to worry about falling down; the instructor will keep you stable until you have mastered your balance. And if you feel like jumping higher, then you can fearlessly let go and enjoy your first independent steps and jumps.

You are probably already familiar with jumping boots, but how would you like to try a different form of team experience? Then try a novelty on the Czech market – twinboarding. A twinboard is a double board, a modern twist on the traditional skateboard. Try this very entertaining way of improving your physical condition that will speak to fans of boards of all kinds.

Both the jumping boots and twinboarding can be tried during the season, from April to October (inclusive). In winter, they can be practiced inside and therefore, previous reservations are required.

www.7leaguebrno.cz, www.brno-inline.cz