South Moravia – the right place for your event


The claim that South Moravia is the right place for your scientific congress, businessmen's conference or summit meeting is not an empty advertising slogan. The regional capital of Brno, which is the second largest city in the country, had no problem at all hosting the summit of 16 Central European presidents ensuring accommodation, conference services and an accompanying program for the participants at the highest possible level.

In addition to this, South Moravia is among the fiftieth most innovative regions in Europe, and it is not by chance that it has become known as the Silicon Valley of the Czech Republic. Systematic support for building the research infrastructure and business incubators facilitating the application of the results of scientific research in production is characteristic for the regional authorities as well as the universities, research workplaces run by the Academy of Sciences and the business community here. Of the almost 400,000 inhabitants of the city, over 80,000 are students attending eleven public universities and private colleges.

Nascent projects costing many billions of crowns - for instance the Central European Institute of Technology CEITEC co-financed by the European Union, or the International Clinical Research Centre ICRC built in cooperation with the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, USA) - give Brno good perspectives in the club of cities with top research and development in the field of advanced technology, bio-technology and medical research. In this Brno and the South Moravian Region have plenty to base themselves on. Some of the great local personalities include the founder of genetics Johann Gregor Mendel, physicist Ernst Mach and philosopher, mathematician and physicist Kurt Gödel, considered to be one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century. Brno has become a place for holding major scientific congresses and conferences, and other professional meetings of European importance. We expect this trend to strengthen in the future.

The same applies to Brno as a Central European centre of commerce and trade. Every year, about fifty international trade fairs are held at the Brno Exhibition Grounds. The city and the South Moravian Region - which has fertile vineyards, three golf resorts, rich folklore and beautiful countryside - offer ideal facilities and accompanying programmes for the international meetings industry.

Congress and conference venues

The City of Brno is a great centre of cultural, artistic and academic life, the metropolis of South Moravia, a destination for visitors from all over the world. It is the seat of supreme bodies of the Czech judicial system, including the Czech Constitutional Court. Thanks to the extensive trade-fair and exhibition complex with a history of eighty years, Brno is also a trade-fair city of Central European importance. Annually, the trade-fair and exhibition complex hosts more than 50 international trade fairs and exhibitions. At the time when no trade fairs are held, it offers more than 100,000 m2 area for hire in 15 pavilions and 90,000 m2 outside. The complex of halls and conference rooms can seat up to 10,000 people. Other advantages of the complex include good transport accessibility and sufficient parking capacity including indoor parking.

Brno has eleven universities, many of which provide excellent facilities for holding conferences and congresses. For instance Masaryk University has a modern campus in the Bohunice quarter of Brno that is quite unique in the Czech Republic. South Moravia is literally dotted with castles and châteaux which also offer facilities for quite original-style social events.

Many hotels have well equipped congress facilities for political as well as business meetings; the more spacious ones in Brno include Holiday Inn, Best Western Premier Hotel International, Hotel OREA Voroněž, Hotel Bobycentrum, Grandhotel, Comsa Palace Superior, Kaskáda Hotel and others. Four-star accommodation facilities are also available in other South Moravian towns.

Incentive ideas

It is no longer enough to liven up a workshop, corporate training programme or congress with just an informal get-together in a wine cellar or a trip to one of South Moravia's castles and châteaux.  South Moravia is capable of preparing for organisers of such events a wide range of packages exploiting the cultural and sports facilities of the region to the full ( All take into consideration the time of year and the individual taste and nature of the participants.

You can get the adrenaline running at exciting car or motorcycle races at the Brno Autodrome racing circuit, the venue of the popular Czech Grand Prix motorbike event. A golf tournament can be held at the Hotel Kaskáda resort on the outskirts of Brno, or at Slavkov, right by the place where the Battle of Austerlitz was played out in 1805. You can enjoy a concert  exclusively arranged for you deep underground in the Moravian Karst caves or on the spacious premises of various church buildings. Musicals can be laid on for larger numbers of visitors in the successful Municipal Theatre in Brno. Those interested can enjoy the atmosphere of the Wild West in the Western Town near Boskovice. Those that like wine and folklore will surely be thrilled by a visit to one of the many South Moravian folk and wine festivals. Also pleasant are balloon flights and cruises on the Brno Dam Reservoir. Those that prefer sports activities will welcome the many tennis courts, bike trails, and other facilities in this diverse region. More information is available at

Foto: Masaryk University archive