A new view of Space from the Brno Observatory


The Brno Observatory and Planetarium is located in a park on Kraví hora Hill and after a complete renovation in January 2012, it has reopened to the public. The Brno Observatory and Planetarium was designed in the modern functionalist style with a retractable roof that offers amazing views of both night and day skies. The observatory is a modern multi-visual centre that makes science interesting and popular in an interactive and entertaining way. The large planetarium features state-of-the-art technology that is suitable for commercial presentations, seminars and social events. The capacity is 200 seats and there is a coatroom, restrooms and handicapped access.

Your event may be complemented by one of our audio-visual programmes held in a unique and unconventional venue. On a clear day, your event may include Sun and star gazing, foreign language presentations and a unique demonstration of astronomy equipment. Since commercial activities are only an additional service provided by the observatory, be sure to make individual arrangements well in advance.