South Moravia on bicycle or foot? Try scooters!


The most beautiful view of the world is said to be from the saddle of a horse. However, not everybody can put a saddle on a horse. A similar view is possible from a bicycle seat. But bicycles have brakes, so almost everybody can ride one. Another belief is that the surrounding countryside is best contemplated while walking. But walking can be too slow. Forget about riding bicycles and walking and try a scooter!

The Na kolobce scooter rental is found close to Macocha Gorge in the picturesque village of Vilémovice and also in Brno. You can rent a professional scooter, both for riding on and off-road.

Scooters are no longer just for children. They bring about an interesting life-style that combines exercise, fun and exploration. The rental agency has more than 40 scooters of different types and sizes to offer. In addition to tourist scooters, you can also try luxurious road racing scooters and off-road downhill special scooters. You can also rent all necessary equipment such as helmets, gloves, locks, reflective vests, water bottles, a map of the Moravian Karst and many other items. The scooter can be delivered to a place of your choice.

The rental agency also offers guiding services – we will be to happy prepare a customized trip or an interesting route for you. Take a trip in the Moravian Karst where you will find more than a dozen easy trails. You might also try taking a beautiful trip from the Moravian Karst to Brno – that portion is almost a 30-kilometre downhill ride through the karst valleys that are full of caves, subterranean streams and beautiful barren hillsides.