Adrenaline in rope centres


You can choose from several professional rope centres in South Moravia, such as Proud and the Jungle Parks in Brno and the Rope Park in Vranov nad Dyjí. The centres can organize events for your employees, business partners and clients. These events do not have to necessarily involve only adrenaline chasing between heaven and earth, but can also help to develop team work and communication, improve informal relationships and teamwork. You can experience adrenaline-filled adventures on high ropes. The centres provide skilled instructors and equipment for rent. You can also look forward to both low and high climbing obstacles, nets, walls, ropeways and may other attractions. The programme can be prepared both for individuals and teams.

Option 1

A programme in the Proud rope centre in Lesná features a Big Swing from13 metresabove ground for the most adventurous ones and recently also one of the longest zip lines in the Czech Republic. You can look forward to a300 metrezip line and unique views of the city of Brno.

Option 2

The Jungle Park rope centre on the right bank of the Svratka River offers not only climbing programmes, but also other sports activities n the adjacent SPK Kometa Brno sports centre, and canoeing, kayaking and rafting on the Svratka River. Night climbing and two 40-metre zip lines across the Svratka are especially magic.

Option 3

The Vranov nad Dyjí rope park is located on the Vranov reservoir campsite. It features 17 obstacles and four zip lines at the height of 4 to9 metresin tree tops.

Opening hours, prices and contacts for your reservation are available on the centres’ websites.,,