OLd Mister William's Castle Restaurant

Hradní restaurant starého pana Viléma

upozorněníIn connection with a government order, it is possible that the building has interrupted or limited providing services. Find out about the current situation with the operator.
Perštejn 18, 592 62 Nedvědice

Restaurant can be utilised for weddings, corporate events, seminars, receptions with entertainment, medieval banquets, etc.

Telephone: +420 776 563 768, +420 776 772 896
Email: marekpavlicek@volny.cz
GPS: 49°27'7.19"N 16°18'58.46"E
415 m above sea level

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Desired range of services:
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Maximum congress (reception) capacity of the biggest hall or connected halls 80 theatre (Stylová restaurace) - reception
Capacity of individual halls and lounges
Total capacity for a maximum of 140 persons
number of halls and lounges: 2


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  • Brno Tuřany (43 km)
  • Pardubice (75 km)
  • Ostrava Mošnov (133 km)