Why South Moravia and Brno

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1/ Solid foundation of science and research

Johann Gregor Mendel discovered here regularities that became the foundation of modern genetics and wrote Brno indelibly into the history of science.


2/ Industrial history of the region

Already in the 19th century, Brno – the centre of South Moravia – was regarded as one the main industrial centres of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Brno had the theatre building electrically illuminated sooner than Vienna, and electrical trams were here in use sooner than in Prague. Brno was nicknamed Moravian Manchester.


3/ Czech Silicon Valley and the city of the future

The city and the region heading to the club of the most innovative European regions, multidisciplinarity of the projects that have been implemented with the support of public as well as private sector - that is what makes Brno one of the most important places where the prominent experts from all over the world meet and an ideal place for holding international specialized conferences and congresses. Brno was given a nickname of Czech Silicon Valley. 



4/ Central European Centre of Fairs

The well-known Contemporary Culture Exhibition that was held in 1928 at the 10th anniversary of establishment of the Czech Republic constituted a tradition of Brno exhibitions and trades. For more than eighty years, Brno is one of the largest trade fair cities of Central Europe. About 50 international fair trades are held here every year.


5/ Complete infrastructure and professional approach

South Moravia meets all the requirement of congress destination which is ready to host specialized conferences, successful meetings and unforgettable events. Brno and the region performed with flying colours even in such prominent events as was the meeting of central European countries in 2007.


6/ Wide range of experiences

Adrenalin lovers can test their driving skills on the race track of Brno Autodrom, or rise above the South Moravian castles in a hot air balloon. There are three modern golf courses nearby. In the caves of Moravian Karst splendour of the stalactites-decorated underground can be admired, and hiking or biking lovers can set out for beauty of romantic cultural landscape of the Lednice -Valtice area which is registered on the UNESCO list. Operas, ballets, musicals, symphonic music and modern music in dancing clubs also belong to the Brno´s offer. And the best for last - wine! More than 90 percent of wines in the Czech Republic come from the South Moravian vineyards. There is something for everyone in hundreds of wine cellars.


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7/ Genius loci

The South Moravian region is a region of sun, wine, tasty food and of still living folklore, and a region of vivacious and above all hospitable people who can sing, dance and play musical instruments. It is said that when a Southmoravian enters a halfempty restaurant he will not sit down at a table where no one is sitting. He rather joins someone to have a chat.


8/ Undiscovered European metropolis

Brno impresses you with magnificent sights, and charms you with excellent food and wine, though you are not disturbed by the onrush of tourists. It is more personal there, safe and everywhere easily accessible.


9/ High quality for reasonable price

Even the British Guardian wrote about very reasonable prices for tasty food and excellent Czech beer (which is cheaper than water in local pubs) in Brno. The U.S. Today newspaper recommended South Moravia as one of the cheapest lovely holiday destinations.


10/ Ideal geographical location

South Moravia and its metropolis are situated in an ideal position in the centre of Europe. By car it takes an hour and a half to get to Brno from Bratislava and Vienna, two hours from Prague. The International Airport makes Brno accessible from all the European destinations in a matter of hours.



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