Experience the magic of Brno’s underground cellars


The unique system of historic cellars and corridors under the city of Brno was open to the public in 2011. Three separate areas are open to visitors: the Labyrinth under the Zelní trh market, the Mint Master’s Cellar and St James Charnel House.

The unconventional Labyrinth under the Zelní trh Market is available for corporate presentations, banquets, press conferences and commercial exhibitions, family celebrations, concerts and food and wine tasting. Your business partners and guests will be able to enjoy the magical atmosphere of the historic underground cellars. The experience may be enhanced by a guided tour of the cellars that will take you through an exposition of wine, food and lights, an alchemist’s shop and a prison and will end with a glass of Moravian wine in the Medieval Tavern. The Labyrinth also houses an exposition of archaeological findings. You can also look forward to a little joke played by Countess Amalia of Bubno and Litice, one of the cellar’s former owners.

www.ticbrno.cz , www.bkc.cz , www.brno.cz

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This project is co-financed by the European Union.