Become a winemaker for one day


The Become a Winemaker for a Day programme is meant for both wine aficionados and complete beginners. The project’s was designed under the auspices of the Wine Institute. It provides an excellent opportunity for corporate teambuilding and an unusual way to meet with your business partners. When you and your co-workers become winemakers for one day, you will find that real experiences from the vineyard and wine making will continue to boost your energy and inspire you.

The professionally prepared programme involves three parts that together form the right experience. You and your business partners will be well cared for throughout the programme and you will collect experiences like ripe grapes.

Our programme includes:

  • A day in the vineyard with the wine maker, including lunch in the vineyard
  • Wine tasting of 10 different wines provided by the wine maker or the sommelier and dinner, food and wine pairing
  • A bottle of wine for each participant
  • Accommodation including breakfast
  • A wine maker’s hat for each participant
  • Printed material including basic information about what was covered – vine growing, wine processing, the basics of wine tasting and rating

The programme can be customized to customer’s wishes and provided in a standard or extended form.

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This project is co-financed by the European Union.