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If you have been searching for an untraditional thankyou to your business partners, or if you want to enjoy extraordinary experiences with your work colleagues outside the walls of your office or to organize an inspirative teambulding, you are in the right place. We have prepared a small sample of unique incentive packages that are definitely worth trying. These are tried and tested recreational programs with a specific content  focused on experiences, knowledge, entertainment and sports - in short, packages in which all the colours, tastes, smells and ideas of South Moravia are neatly packed.

Fun in rope centres.

Fun in rope centres

South Moravia presents a choice of several professional rope centres – Proud and Jungle Park in Brno or the Rope centre in Vranov nad Dyjí. They can arrange...

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Become a soldier for one day.

Become a soldier for one day

South Moravia may seem like paradise for those who love adrenaline and unusual experiences. One of those you might want to try is paying a visit to the...

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Become an eco-farmer for one day .

Become an eco-farmer for one day

The Jalový dvůr eco-farm is located near the village of Heršpice, approximately30 kmfrom Brno. It is a fairytale location, ideal for all eco-farming and...

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Entertainment in the Wild West style.

Entertainment in the Wild West style

A Western Town is a unique entertainment park at the edge of Boskovice. Every year numerous events are held there according to a wish of a ...

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Social event in the James Bond style.

Social event in the James Bond style

Do you want to experience a spectacular party during which you will be guided by a world-famous agent James Bond together with charming Bond...

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Folklore Olympics.

Folklore Olympics

Funny team competitions in a folklore style are a highlight of evening programmes in a wine cellar. The disciplines include for example...

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Farming heptathlon.

Farming heptathlon

Try a funny competition of teams in farming-athletic disciplines of Moravian country. There is a real heptathlon awaiting you – throwing the...

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